Style, Luxe & Functionality. The Buckitt Bag.

Keeping up with the accessories theme this week, today’s post is all about the Tote. Surely, one of (if not the) most practical bags you can own. I’m a big, big fan of the tote for it’s ease of use and comfort value too. Even when I take my bare essentials I still feel fully loaded…notebook and pen, purse, hairbrush, lipstick, diary, colouring books and crayons (of-course!)…gloves…uh, I could go on forever. What I love about a tote is that there’s no thinking required, just chuck it all in.

There is just one drawback though, they’re usually a little on the ugly side. An opinion also shared by Rae Jones, the British shoe and leather goods designer & WSGN trend forecaster. She also happens to be the brains behind the Buckitt bag. Rae has created the ultimate in tote bags. It’s practical, multi-purpose but best of all, it has style.

Buckitt bag colours


Buckitt bag detail

The Buckitt bag is made from the finest high quality Italian leather but expertly crafted by hand with the finest British components in a factory in Manchester. Born from the disillusionment of seeing otherwise stylish women carrying grubby canvas totes, Rae has created a bag with a simple elegant style married with functionality to bring the best from a handbag. Practical enough to carry all your things yet smart enough to look good.

Buckitt bag side detail

The Buckitt Bags come in a number of colours from classic brown and tan to this beautiful metallic (definitely my choice!). For more information on the Buckitt bag please visit their website. (this Buckitt One is priced at £290).

Buckitt bag metallic

Which colour would you choose?
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