Clearing out the Summer Chaos

The Summer had been great. Glorious weather, picnics, ice-creams and lazy mornings. But for me, it had also been quite a testing and trying time.  All sense of routine and structure had completely gone out the window. It felt like everything had been thrown up into the air, got muddled together and I was stood underneath it all trying to catch it as it fell. In other words – chaos.

Now the weather has changed and school is back, I can feel a sense of calm and control being regained. A huge part of this was getting my wardrobe cleared and ready for the new season. Sounds frivolous but having a clutter-free space for my clothes and having them clearly organised inspires confident dressing and increases self-esteem.

My video demonstrates how to organise your wardrobe into sections and by colour, so this is hints and tips on how to syphon out unnecessary pieces and create new space for new items.

Start with holiday wear.

Strip out bikinis and swim wear. Pair bikinis up and store them in re-sealable sandwich bags. This keeps them together in pairs and stops them getting tangled. It’s also really easy to pack them when you go away. Do this with swimming costumes too.

  Bikini storage

With pool cover-ups, summer dresses, shorts and floaty tops fold, store away and label in a box. Do the same with wedges, sandals and flip-flops.

Clear all trace of summer.

Be ruthless and realistic. I have made the mistake all too often of thinking I might wear something, for it just sit in my wardrobe for the whole season taking up precious space. Clear as much as possible. It may feel a little empty but with inevitable shopping, it will soon fill up!

Clean out.

If you have time, it’s a great opportunity to get the hoover and marigolds out and give the space a good clean.


Hangers are so important for making it easier to choose outfits. Aesthetically it is easier to choose your clothes when everything is at the same height. Choosing the right hangers will also prevent damaging your clothes.

I love wooden hangers but if you’re short on space, go for rubber coated hangers that are kinder on more delicate fabrics and use up less space in your wardrobe.

Wooden hangers

To hang or to fold?

As I rule I tend to hang as much as I can but will always fold chunky knit jumpers, jeans and everyday vest tops.

Have you had your Summer clear out yet?


(Featured image source: Pinterest, The Coveteur)
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3 comments on “Clearing out the Summer Chaos

  1. Lisa
    September 9, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    I do love a wardrobe clearout – it’s so therapeutic!! I’m definitely due one now that Summer is definitely over.


  2. My Pollyanna
    September 9, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    Amazing! I bet you feel great. I harped on about it for days when I did mine last week – I kept creeping up on my wardrobe and just smiling at it! I can never get over what a difference it makes to my clarity of thoughts as well. So pleased to have made a difference. Is there anything else you think you would find useful? Laura

  3. Melissa
    September 9, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Just reading this gave me the motivation to clear out my wardrobe this morning! I was really dreading it because, I’m sad to say, I usually don’t :o(. But I’m trying to turn a new leaf and with my kids back to school now, I’m treating it as a sort of New Year’s Resolution lol. All Summer clothes and shoes have been put away until next year, I’ve stuffed my handbags with leftover grocery bags (good tip!), and all Autumn and Winter clothes are hanging, colour coordinated, and looking tidy – I think I could actually become a little OCD with this lol. Thank you for your post!

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