The Control List

Happy, content husband. Clever, confident, clean children. A tidy, stylish, happy home. Healthy, balanced and interesting diet. Regular exercise. Looking great ALL the time. Always replying to texts from friends in a timely manner. Successful and glamorous career. Exotic, luxury holidays with a weeks’ skiing thrown in too.

Just a few of the aspirations that I strive for in my everyday life. Most of which are completely unrealistic. No matter how charmed or challenging our lives are, we all seem to have our own set of aspirations and desires but don’t seem to have the hours in the day to achieve them. I find all of it really overwhelming sometimes and for the past few years I have always relied on a faithful ‘to-do’ list. Until, it actually became less and less faithful.

I needed more control in my life. Instead of everything flooding past me and sweeping me along, I needed a mechanism to pull the reigns. One day I titled my list ‘Things I need to do to keep control in my life’. Rather long winded, but what I found was that I started to write my jobs down in a different way. In a way that seemed achievable and that would then allow me to do or pursue the things I really want to do.

So here is my Control List…

1. Commit between 4pm-7pm to my children (no phone, no emails).

2. Plan 5 meals a week.

3. Order groceries online.

4. Put the clean laundry away immediately.

5. Empty the dishwasher every morning before breakfast.

6. Hoover living areas everyday (or as needed).

I know these things seem like completely tiny things but for me, without doing these, the rest of the day/week falls apart. I know that if I have this list around and stick to it then the rest of week falls into place.

What are the key factors to success for you? 
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2 comments on “The Control List

  1. Sally
    October 25, 2013 at 7:01 am

    Ha ha, I love this! I totally agree – it’s lovely to have all these wonderful ideals in your head of how you’d like your life to be but really it’s the basic that will keep you sane and somehow are so hard to do sometimes!

    • My Pollyanna
      November 29, 2013 at 1:25 pm

      Hi Sally, So pleased it’s not just me! I also find that one week I’m totally in control and the next it all falls apart and it’s so hard to get it back again. Just life I suppose…? Hope you’re well x

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