The Super Easy Denim Shirt…

One item that has been a firm member of my wardrobe in the past few years as been the humble denim shirt. Super easy to wear and for me, I like the way it mixes up my wardrobe. I haven’t been brave enough to venture into ‘double denim’ (yet…) so it will always mean making a conscious change into coloured jeans or chinos. It will also bode well through the upcoming seasonal change, so here is my pick of some of the best…

Denim shirt edit

1. Oasis £44 / 2. Topshop £44 / 3. H&M £20 / 4. Current Elliott £130 / 5. J. Crew £63

There is one little drawback….sometimes I can feel a little “scruffy”. But, if carefully chosen, a fitted denim shirt paired with pointed flats and navy jeans can look fab. I’d probably wear this with a structured handbag too, to contradict the shirt.

Denim shirt and pointy flats
How will you be wearing your denim shirt this season?
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