Are you dressing in the past, present or future?

This post may well end up asking more questions than it answers. But they are questions that as my life and identity have changed over the past few years, that I have asked myself time after time. Do my clothes and my style reflect how I am feeling on the inside? If I look really deeply into my wardrobe what do my clothes really represent?

I have mentioned before (Read the How does your wardrobe define You post) that sometimes these sort of questions can be frivolous but it also never fails to amaze me how by wearing something that I know suits me, makes me feel confident and change the way that I go about my daily routine.

You can have anything

Who can identify with this? – That familiar feeling of going shopping and trying on what feels like every dress in the shop to only feel that none of them are any good. None of them make you feel the way you want to feel. But have you ever thought that it’s because the dress doesn’t match your identity? That actually it’s not that the dress doesn’t look good on you, it’s that it doesn’t represent who you feel you really are.

Looking through your current wardrobe can expose and reflect all these feelings. Perhaps it’s hanging on to a place in the past where you felt powerful, youthful and in control. Or maybe you’ve lost weight but still feel like you need to cover up. Perhaps there is a section of clothes that represent a traumatic or emotional time but it’s difficult to let go of that time so the clothes stay.


Your clothes can be a physical representation of what is really going on on the inside. The colour, shape and style choices can identify current unease that you may have and put together the need for growth and future goals. Conversely, if you’re feeling great and confident, your clothes will reflect this too.

So look closely at your wardrobe. Throw away the things from a life that you no longer want or can’t identify with. Items that don’t represent the best you. Keep the things that are special and archive them. [quote]Don’t let your past cloud the person you want to be and the goals you want to achieve.[/quote]

Your perception of yourself is embodied through your style choices. Make it positive. Create the wardrobe you aspire to have, to reflect the life you desire. Get positive life goals and change your wardrobe to match.

Do your clothes really reflect you?


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