Early Summer Essentials

There are murmurs in the My Pollyanna household of the H word. We may and I stress, may be going on holiday. So this naturally got my thinking about me packing essentials, though truth be told holiday or no holiday, these will definitely be getting my through the Summer.

Eau de Parfum Connock London

Since Connock London sent me their Kukui Eau de Parfum and body oil I have been completely obsessed with them. On two levels they fit into my life perfectly. Firstly, if these legs are to be on public display they have to be in tip-top condition. With the warmer weather and the appearance of skirts and shorts the oil has been my go-to beauty product. It’s beautifully moisturising with no greasiness (which if I’m honest was my main concern with using an oil). It leaves a soft, glowy finish to look neatly polished.

Secondly, I’m really not a perfume person. Although I have a small collection that, if I remember, I may have a quick spritz of in the morning but I’ve never found anything that I’ve wanted to wear everyday. Scents are really personal and I suppose I’ve never found one that is just ‘me’.

Maybe it’s been my yearning for a holiday but I’ve been totally taken in by the beachy, fresh scent of the signature Eau de Parfum from Connock London. The ingredients include Italian Bergamot, Moroccan Rose, White Jasmine and Calla Lily, Sandalwood, Vetiver, White Amber and layers of cashmere and sheer musk. Divine.

And if it’s good enough for Goop then it’s good enough for me!

Sunglasses / Espadrilles / Lipstick /

What are you Summer essentials?
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