Feeling the Becksondergaard Pressure

There seems to be a lot of fuss – or at least press coverage – of the Becksondergaard scarves recently and not one to like missing out on anything I felt I needed to get my hands on one. However, I also felt that I wanted to have a look and a feel for myself before committing to a purchase. Fortunately for me one of my favourite shops locally, The Hambledon in Winchester just happened to stock an enormous collection.

The Hambledon

The Hambledon, Winchester

I have to admit, I was totally smitten. Short of hyperventilating (they were after all, only scarves – ahem) I was quite visibly excited about finally being in the presence of  the infamous Becksondergaard scarves. Starting at £25, I could see why everyone was raving about them.

Becksondergaard collection The Hambledon

As you can see…not an easy decision.

Trying to keep my cool head on, I start thinking practicalities. What colours do I already have? Do I want a block colour? Go cool or go warm? My decision in the end came down to my current wardrobe palette and how I generally wear a style. It had to have a neutral base with colour pop.

And here it is…khaki base with neon coral stars.

Becksondergaard scarf

For it’s first outing I paired it with bold navy and white stripes but I’m also looking forward to experimenting with knitwear and taking into the summer with a simple white tee.


I love the way they make such a statement and their generous size give a great full shape when you wear it. This will undoubtedly not be my last.

Have you succumbed to the Becksongaard hype or will you avoid as a matter of principle?! 
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