Friday Fantasy: Dream Kitchen

In a break from the Christmas madness, I’ve gone off the program and gone all kitchens!

Renovating, moving, building, moving, renovating, building…you get the idea. This pretty much sums up my whole life. My parents’ were addicted to property. Refurbishing it, knocking it down and putting it all back together to then sell it and move on. You might think that moving every few years during my childhood may have put me off but in fact I married someone who classes “property development” as a hobby. Oops. So I can now say that my childhood and my adult life has been pretty much consumed by property redevelopment of one sort or another.

We are currently in the middle of another project and this week I have had to think kitchens. The kitchen I have had to look for is pretty standard but it got me thinking about what my dream kitchen would be. What I’ve realised is that I’m still confused. I love the clean, crisp symmetry of modern architectural kitchens but I also love the comfort and forgiving style of a country kitchen too. It’s such an important room and one that I think most women think a lot about and want to get right. Here’s what I found…

Friday Fantasy Kitchens

I love the handmade look of this kitchen with striking chandelier above the island unit.

Friday Fantasy Kitchens

The simple, clean cut look of this kitchen is just lovely. Love the feature window/door too.

Friday Fantasy KitchensThis looks so inviting and homely.

What does your dream kitchen look like?
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