Friday Fantasy of Far Away Places

Unadulterated sunshine, miles of fine white sand and crystal clear waters. Bikinis and denim cuts-offs are the only essentials needed here. I lie in until 9am everyday, throw on my white linen dress and walk barefoot from my beach side condo through the gate and onto the beach. This life is dreamy. Calm, quiet, white and pure. Here, no harm can come to anyone. A free and easy place where time slows down.

This is my Friday Fantasy.  

Friday Fantasy

I thrive under pressure. Give me more to do and I’ll do it – sooner than if I had nothing to do usually. But somedays it would be lovely to wake up with no pressure. No dishwasher to unload, no mobile phone and (dare I say it) no Twitter. A day where there was nothing to do apart from swan around your palatial beach side residence and sun bathe on the terrace.

Friday Fantasy

Here’s to Friday Fantasies!

What’s yours?
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One comment

  1. Sally
    October 4, 2013 at 9:13 am

    I am so with you on this one! I would like to read my book on that lounger and then go for a lovely walk and dip in the sea – at my leisure!

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