Friday Fantasy, Victoria Beckham.

Strutting through the streets of New York City in a tailored suit and sky-high heels, my structured bag firmly in my grip. Shoulder barging the men in their pinstriped ensembles. I make eye contact with nobody. Arriving at my marble floored office, I breeze past the receptionist and hit for the lift. My double espresso is waiting for me at my desk along with my ultra efficient, doe-eyed PA. I’m smart, structured and strong and so is my style.

This is my Friday Fantasy – day dreaming of a life far, far removed from reality. Power dressing and laying down the law with my massive ego.

Victoria Beckham Black dress

The Victoria Beckham’s designer range is the perfect match for my fantasy. [quote]Strong, sophisticated and what you see is what you get.[/quote]

Victoria Beckham

What’s your Friday Fantasy?


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One comment

  1. Vannessa Vinos
    September 27, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Lovely fantasy ;-)

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