From chaos to calm: Make time to escape.

Something one of my closest friends said to me yesterday really touched a chord….[quote]”I don’t just read your blog because it’s you, it’s actually like escapism for me…”[/quote]She’s a professional, balancing a very busy career with family commitments, fitness, social life and all the other things we try to cram into the day. We all have our own commitments and responsibilities and sometimes we need to pull the reigns on all of it to regain some control before life runs away with us. Finding something that we can dive into and escape is always good!

For me, these last few weeks have been such a hazy fog of disorganisation and summer holiday chaos that I’ve been completely out of control and unproductive at everything. House upside down, no food in the fridge, eating badly and utter anarchy with children.

At the weekend it was time to take control. Get rid of the time-wasters…aimlessly browsing the internet…busying myself with pointless tasks….and fill my time with small tasks that would regain self-esteem. By ticking off the tasks has meant that when I relax I can do it without guilt. Knowing that everything is done (well, almost everything!)

Whatever we have going on in our lives it’s so important to make time to properly relax without the endless to-do list running through our mind. So my point is, [quote]Do the small stuff….get stuff done and create time to escape, unwind and relax. [/quote]
Happy escaping!

Laura x

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2 comments on “From chaos to calm: Make time to escape.

  1. Sally
    August 6, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    I so agree with your friend’s comment – I find your blog a little treat to dive in to! And I am just at this very moment trying to check off all the little things on my list that are so completely do-able but for some reason have become huge… eg ring our internet provider… not hard and done… tick! Now time to do some proper relaxing!

    • My Pollyanna
      August 6, 2013 at 10:29 pm

      Thank you Sally. I think my escapism is putting it all together!

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