Getting lippy with Orange.

Reflecting on my holiday to Italy and having compiled my holiday resolutions, I was feeling a bit of pressure to put them into practice. There’s nothing worse for me than saying you’re going to do something then not following it through. So off I trot to John Lewis…

The ‘To wear bright lipstick‘ was by the far the scariest holiday resolution I had made. I have ALWAYS steered well away from lipstick but being in Italy changed my thoughts on this and I was about to step out of my nude lip-gloss wearing comfort zone. Orange seemed like a good place to start. I trawled Chanel, Clinique, YSL and the usual, but these were my favourites.

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Dior, Diablotine Extreme 643.

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A punchy, tomatoey bright red/orange. Glossy finish and plenty of colour so no need to over apply. Goes on well and stays on very well.

Bare Minerals, Go the Distance.

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I bought this one as an everyday, ‘go with anything’ shade. I’ve recently bought the Bare Minerals foundation and really like it so I’d thought I’d give them a go. Love it. They also had a couple of other shades very close to this one, so definitely worth having a look at.

Bobbi Brown, Salmon.

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This is much, much lighter than the others. The girl on the counter reassured me this was the one – the one that I’d lusted after in the magazines. I was a bit dubious but went with it, she was the expert after all (yes, total sucker!).

Definitely best worn with a tan as it has that real ‘tangerine’ look. But equally, it still has all the qualities you’d expect from Bobbi Brown and I really love the fact it’s a bit brighter and more ‘orange’ than the others.

Bourjois, Rouge Edition,  03.

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One routine trip to Waitrose I stumbled across the Bourjois lipsticks and thought I’d give them a go. For £7.99 I have to say, they’re brilliant. They’re so easy to wear, last a long time and feel moisturising.

[frame_center src=”” href=””]Top left: Dior. Top right: Bobbi Brown. Bottom left: Bare Minerals. Bottom right: Bourjois[/frame_center]
I couldn’t do a post about lips and not mention my trusty Eight Hour Lip gloss. An absolute winner. The usual benefits of the Eight Hour Cream with a proper glossy effect.

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Have you found any lipsticks I should know about??!

Laura x



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3 comments on “Getting lippy with Orange.

  1. My Pollyanna
    July 18, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    That’s what I thought Alex, then I become a lipstick addict! Will take a look at the Nars range…apparently Tom Ford have some good ones too.

  2. Clare
    July 18, 2013 at 11:40 am

    Have just purchased the Bourjois Rouge no 10, Rouge Buzz, (quite a reddish orange) and their Tangerine Fatal nail varnish. Can now do top and toe ‘Orange’. But will have to keep the lipstick in the fridge as its fabulously hot out here!!!!

  3. Alex
    July 17, 2013 at 11:52 pm

    I had a similar resolution after clearing the fug of having Freddie. Went for Nars Heat Wave, more red than the ones you’ve gone for – love it, but not for me an everyday wear!

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