In a Topshop frenzy

I’ll be the first to admit, that on occasion, Topshop can be a little scary. But, if you can see past the crop-tops and mini-skirts, you can find some little gems. On my latest trip, I had a mini-frenzy and picked out some great items. Here are a few pieces that I’m confident I will wear again and again. The trick is to look at them in isolation and see how they can be incorporated into my current wardrobe.

The White Jacket

Ok, this sounds awful. But I’ve always quite fancied a white jacket to wear with jeans and a black top under.

Topshop white jacket

Topshop white jacket close up
With two children, I won’t be wearing this one every day but it will be a great go-to piece for going out for dinner, throwing over a dress for a wedding or party.

The Yellow Jumper

Topsop yellow jumper
Great shape, great bright colour and will be perfect for the cooler summer days and into autumn.

Yellow jumper close up
Guaranteed, I’ll be wearing this with skinnies and a big scarf.

The tube skirt

Of all the pieces, this is probably the one that I will wear this season and then it may be reserved for holidays. But I love the bold block colours and it’s really comfy!

Topshop tube skirt
I have worn it with a white vest-top (Amercian Vintage) and tan sandals (Sam Edelman). A really easy outfit.

What great buys have you had this week?

Laura x

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