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When we moved house almost two months ago, my initial instinct was to nest. Within days the boxes were unpacked, pictures were hung and candles were placed on neatly stacked coffee table books. We pretty much worked around the clock to get everything ‘just so’ as quickly possible so we could get on with life normale.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m still working on my own space. At the moment it’s my own corner in a very light and bright room (the conservatory!) but I’m constantly titivating and adding to it and working out how I want it as I go. It’s by no means perfect but it’s quite nice to have a work in progress.

It’s a really important space for me. I can be sat at it for hours in daylight hours and after dark so it has to be inviting and comfortable or the lure of the sofa will win out in the evenings. Particularly at the moment with the girls’ on school holidays, the only time I get to sit is in the evenings.

My Pollyanna workspace

My Pollyanna workspace

I’ve made these customised pin boards from a tatty old pin board that I cut out and slotted into some old Ikea frames. I think I might paint them but for the moment they’re neat and effective.

My Pollyanna pinboards

I’m keeping a close eye on Pinterest too for any bright ideas and these are my favourites.

Workspace Pinterest

Workspace Pinterest

Any tips for clever workspace?

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