Polly’s Picks…Old & New

This week’s Polly’s Picks is mix of old and new. Ralph Lauren, Romance Eau de Parfum, h&m floral scarf & my newest and most exciting find – Mionetto Sergio Vino Spumante (sparkling wine to you and me but doesn’t sound so crass when you say it in Italian!).

Ralph Lauren Romance

Ralph Lauren, Romance Eau de Parfum was one of the first perfumes that I owned and was given to me from my parent’s, upon their return from a holiday (guilt for leaving me home?!). So for me it’s nostalgic but it a lovely fresh, light fragrance for days when I’m feeling girly.

h&m red scarf

This h&m scarf was bought years ago and is an old favourite for the Autumn. Dark, rich pinks and reds with neutrals is and easy ‘go-to’ piece for smart or casual. I may even be tempted to mix things up and pair it with my leopard pumps soon – who knows?! Either way, to me it’s a classic.

PP champersAhhh the Mionetto Vino Spumante (extra dry). Magnum. Naturally. We have a great wine shop where we live called Wine Utopia. I couldn’t tell you the grapes used or the aromas but I do know it tastes great. Dry and crisp and best of all the bottle is pretty so will be used (1980s style) as a candle stick soon.

What are your new and old favourite things?
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