Style Diary: Evening Stripes

To have a child-free evening is always a huge luxury and one that always has me wondering how best to maximise this time. Do I make the most of the peace and quiet and catch up on jobs (yaaawwwwwn) or go out and revel in not having to be back for the babysitter or consider the repercussions of that extra glass of wine the next morning.

Needless to say, we chose the latter. We snuck out for a casual meal and a few drinks in Winchester. It was nothing fancy so I dressed down in my (new) favourite MiH Jeans, Breathless and bold stripes from J.Crew. To dress it up I went for my metallic heels from J.Crew and parrot clutch from Accessorize (frustratingly, they don’t have this one online but they do have a fab selection of beaded clutches at the moment, I love this one with tassels.) Job done.

Style Diary Evening stripes

 What’s your favourite dress up/dress down outfit combination?
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