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Happy Monday everyone. What a gorgeous weekend we had. I’ve had quite a hectic few days one way or another but I’m feeling totally energised by the ups and ups that life seems to have dealt me at the moment. My whirlwind started on Thursday with 24hours in London and ended back down on earth selling my wares at a sunny car boot sale yesterday morning.

But there was much excitement in the My Pollyanna household this weekend when the April edition of Essentials magazine landed on the shelves. I could try to be really cool about it and pretend that this kind of thing happens all the time, but in all honesty, I am so excited it’s unreal. When I started along this blogging path I could never have imagined that I would be looking at myself in print, in a national magazine. I’m a little proud too if truth be told.

My Pollyanna Essentials Magazine

Sandwiched between Spring pastel fashion pages and Secrets of the savvy shoppers article, the What You’re Wearing feature falls on page 23. I’m also alongside the lovely Frances from the blog School Run Style (who I met at the Gap/Red magazine event last week and can confirm she is just as stylish in the flesh as she is in print!). Michelle from My Fashionable 40s blog and Rosanna whose blog is Silver Brogues.

My Pollyanna Essentials magazine

Thank you to Essentials Magazine for featuring me.

Olivia Palmero boyfriend jeans

I know I may be a little late to party with boyfriend jeans but in the past I’ve always felt they didn’t have a place in my classic (sometimes conservative) wardrobe. But oh how that has changed. Not to put too fine a point on it but I’m going to chuck it out there now that Spring 14 is going to be the season to take the plunge.

So embarking on a new – although I’m not sure you could really call boyfriend jeans new – trend means checking out how others are styling it. Spending a lot of time trawling the internet for fashion inspiration and following my favourite bloggers is definitely one my favourite things when it comes to creating content for My Pollyanna, so without question I knew I’d find some great ways to style the boyfriend jean. And it’s fair to say they didn’t let me down.

The Online Stylist blogged recently about the new Baukjen collection which includes this fab pair – reckon this will be my first stop.

Baukjen boyfriend jeans

Blogger Wendy Gilmore at Thank Fifi pairs her with this super stylish statement coat.

Thankfifi boyfriend jeans

Emily Schuman from Cupcakes & Cashmere colour pops hers with neutral stripes and hot pink heels.

Emily Schuman boyfriend jeans

Have you found the perfect boyfriend jeans – any tips on where to look?

Since we’re still in January and still in fitness mode – we’re definitely still in fitness mode aren’t we? I wanted to talk about fitness fashion and a new British born boutique brand of fitness wear. When I was sent the details of Every Second Counts, I was really excited. I love finding little gems like this.

Something that is a little different but uber stylish (and functional). Not off the fashion-scale but something that looks like you care as much about your fitness wardrobe as the rest of your everyday style. And here I have found just that in Every Second Counts.

Every Second Counts has launched this month by pilates and yoga enthusiast Sally Dixon who has over 17 years experience in the fashion industry as an ex magazine fashion director. So she knows just a thing or two about style and fitness functionality – the two ingredients at the heart of her Every Second Counts range.

The collection includes three ‘stories’ – Spectrum, Black & Seamless. All designed to take you from workout to daily life in a second. Which means no more turning up at the school gate in tatty old leggings and fleecy tops. The range from Every Second Counts means you can carry your style from the studio to your daily life.

*whispers* and one of the best things? Prices start at £40. Check out their gorgeous website for the full range – I guarantee you’ll be smitten.


ps. hope you like the Christmas garland![new_line]
Like most of us, I’ve entered lots of different stages in my life. Each one bringing it’s own set of challenges and opportunities. Having grown up insisting on co-ordinating my underwear with my outfit, style has always been played quite a large part in defining each stage. As a young professional, with a clearly defined identity it was fairly easy. Smart, formal and sensible. I knew how to do that.[new_line]
Then my job changed. I became a wife and a mother. In my wardrobe, power suits and heels sat alongside sloppy t-shirts and jeans. Not to mention the array of dressy tops and ‘going out’ clothes.
I am woman....
I would go shopping and buy things that would be added to the bulging mass of confusion that lay behind my wardrobe doors. I loathed getting dressed in the morning, I wanted to look good but had little confidence in how to achieve this. [new_line]
I was also struggling with the new me. Suddenly having the responsibility of being a parent and the new role of being a wife, dependent upon someone else for the first time in my adult life.[new_line]
One day, enough was enough and the clear out began. I shed everything that no longer belonged in my life. Things I hadn’t worn for years, things that no longer fitted me and lastly things that no longer defined me. The result was one of the most refreshing things I have ever done.[new_line]
I had far fewer clothes, shoes and bags but I could see what I had. It was organised. It had clear direction and plenty of space for new items that may come along in the future. [new_line]
But these would only be things that had been carefully considered, thoroughly vetted and that would fit perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe and my identity.[new_line]
In so many ways, this very clearly reflected my life. As time went on I felt increasingly comfortable with my new role but felt there was plenty of space for new things to slot in. I had finally accepted my identity and my wardrobe reflected me.[new_line]
Your style can be a good indicator of how you feel, what you think of yourself and your life. Match your wardrobe to your life.
Does your wardrobe reflect how you feel? Does it define you?
Image sources: Featured image, Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe from SATC. White wardrobe image, Pinterest.
The My Pollyanna Boutique

Although I’m trying desperately hard to reinvent my existing wardrobe, there are still things that I’m dreaming about at the moment.[new_line]
[new_line]This is my October Wish List…[new_line]
I spotted these a couple of years ago in the Jimmy Choo 24:7 Icons range. I love the fact they’re not too clumpy or fussy and have some classic Choo details.[new_line]
An absolute classic. One that I will be lusting after for years.[new_line]
I’m definitely going to look for a plaid shirt to wear with skinnies and flats this season. Ever since I spotted this one on Matches Fashion I can’t stop thinking about it. I love the fact it’s oversized and with pink hues it’s also a nod to another one of this season’s trends. The collar studs just add that extra bit of detail.[new_line]
Recommended to me by make-up artist Lisa Hancox, I can’t wait to get my hands on one these. Described as beautiful, quick and comfortable they sound right up my street.[new_line]

Charlotte Olympia Red Velvet ‘Kitty Slipper Flats
Another classic. I keep visualising myself in these with dark denim and simple white shirt or camel cashmere jumper. Let the shoes do the talking.[new_line]

[new_line]What’s on your wish list?


Last week, I was invited to the launch of Salisbury Fashion Week. Now, it’s not Paris, Milan or New York but it’s very exciting for local businesses and showcases some great designers (also, I don’t get out that much so it was nice to get dressed up and head out for the evening!). I met some great people including the very talented Lydia Stamps who has very, very kindly let me use these fantastic backstage shots of the show.

Lydia Stamps Photography

Apart from the fantastic performances and catwalk shows from local designers, the highlight of the evening was being introduced to the very talented fashion historian and writer, Dr Ben Wild. He has recently written a fascinating piece on Women’s Style Through Time on his blog Linley Wild  - a great read.

Backstage at SFW13…

Lydia Stamps SFW Opening 230

Local business from hairdressers and boutiques to cake shops and florists have all got together to showcase their talents. There is always a buzz in the air around fashion week with so many events taking place across the city from millinery workshops, talks on the history of fashion and catwalk shows. It’s great for the local economy.

Lydia Stamps SFW Opening 177

 Do you have a local fashion week where you live?

UPDATE 20/8/2013:

The Best Orange Dress…In Action.

What I forgot to mention is that this little treasure was found in Tesco!

Tesco shift dress

Worn with Christian Louboutin leopard heels, Tory Burch black leather clutch and Massimo Dutti black jacket.

As an Autumn Winter staple this dress will serve you well. The ‘go-to’ dress for work, dinner out or just on one of those ‘dressy’ days’. It will be great with black opaques and boots or with a trench for rainy days. With it’s classic silhouette coupled with the exposed zip, it’s quite unbelievable that it owns it’s £20 price tag.

I bought it just this week and had to share it. Reminds me of a certain VB….can’t wait to have an excuse to wear it.

It also comes in teal, plum and in black.

What do you think? Could it be the bargain of the season?

You can click here to buy this dress on-line.


When I think about style, I like to keep it simple and classic but interpret current trends in a way that I know will suit me. Picking out staple pieces that will last through different trends is key to this, particularly if you are going to invest in a designer item.

If you’re going to spend a lot of money, it must be something that will not only last a lifetime but be versatile. In my opinion, things are bought to be worn and not sit around in their dust-bags so it needs to be something that will look good on the school run and for a formal occasion. The tan tote works on every level.

Celine handbags are the epitome of timeless style and if I was to choose one colour, it would have to be tan. Alas, I shan’t be getting the Celine tote anytime soon, so this is my pick of more affordable options that will add a touch of luxury to whatever you wear it with.

Which is your favourite?

Timeless Tan Totes


The first time I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s I fell in love with Audrey Hepburn. Her classic, timeless style was mesmerising. If I get ‘sucked in’ to a current trend, I quite often find myself thinking “Would Audrey wear this?!“. By following some basic rules, it helps me focus my wardrobe and make better decisions.

[frame_center src=”” href=””]Images from Pinterest, Deep Lounge Music.[/frame_center]

Here are a few of her basic style rules taken from the book Audrey Style by Pamela Clarke Keogh.

[styled_box title=”AH style rules” color=”pink”]1. Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you.
2. Ignore trends, you are above them.
3. Study yourself and make the most of your assets. Everyone’s got something wonderful to emphasise. Highlight it and ignore the rest. There’s no point spending your years in therapy “accepting” yourself. “One must take the rough with the smooth”.
4. Get a good tailor. Everything should fit.
5. Think classic with a twist, never let your clothes enter the room before you.
6. Keep your shoulders back, listen intently and smile.
7. Count your blessings.[/styled_box]

What style rules do you follow?

Laura x

featured image source:

Pollyanna by the pool

There aren’t many times when you can completely and unashamedly relax and unwind. But the holiday to Borgo Egnazia was a time when I could. Relaxing by the pool with my newly discovered Martini Spritzer, I decided I was going to make some holiday resolutions. With no chores and no lists, my mind was free to focus on the future…and my style!

[frame_center src=”” href=””][/frame_center]
Everyone knows the Italians have an impeccable eye for style but I have to say I was quite overcome by the effortless manner in which they pull this off. After a couple of days of hiding behind my ovesized Chanel’s I began to embrace it. I wasn’t going to be intimidated, instead I would join them in their unadulterated penchant for style.
[styled_box title=”My resolutions. My new style ‘rules’…” color=”pink”]Embrace brights.
This goes for lipstick too!
Accent a plain outfit with a pop of leopard – my new found love!
Be confident in your own style and wear your head high.[/styled_box]
[frame_center src=”” href=””][/frame_center]Let’s see if I can stick to them….?!


ps. what will your holiday resolutions be?