Life has got pretty hectic the last few months and the blog has most definitely taken a back seat. I read an article in the Summer about blogging with tips on how to be better and there was one quote that really stuck. Elsie Larson, founder of uber blog, A Beautiful Mess said that

“It was never about not having enough time, but just not planning well enough”. She’s definitely right.

All the other elements in my life have been completely overwhelming the past few weeks and months that most of the time I’ve felt that I haven’t had any more capacity to think about something else. Because having my own business and two children is a whole new lifestyle change for me, I’ve also spent time getting used to how this is all going to work.

It has been an incredible experience and I wouldn’t change one tiny bit of it but there are times when I feel like I’m keeping several different plates spinning. Some of the time they’re all spinning but there are times when one will fall or have a wobble and I can just about get it back it again and other times when I feel like half of them have fallen off the stick. But that’s life I suppose, everyone’s busy and everyone has their own priorities.

It’s not my intention to make this post one long excuse but it’s probably more a cathartic exercise to get some focus back on the blog and feel like I can still do it! It seem easy for me to lose confidence in what I’m doing if I don’t do it for a while. But the blog is where it all started and it’s an amazing world to be a part of.



As for Hero, it has been amazing. So much more, so much better than I could ever have anticipated. But it would be great to make time for blogging again. I’ve learned so much about my own style since starting Hero that it seems right to get back to the blog. So this this my first step to doing it!

In other news, although it pains me to say it, I’ve also been feeling so much healthier after undertaking a detox. Details coming later in the week….

Any tips on how to juggle work/life would be gratefully received!

L x



Firstly, Hello! It feels like ages and what a Summer! Hope everyone managed to get some form of fun in the sun one way or another.  I have to say, this Summer had to go as one of the best. The girls have reached a great age and the insanely indulgent three weeks in the Channel Islands was incredible – plenty of sun, beach fun accompanied by copious a healthy amount of bread, cheese and wine and lots of time with family.

To top it off, I then got to spend a few days in the scorching heat on the Costa Del Sol with one of my best friends, Louise (from Lolly & Boo). No husbands, no children just a pool, rose wine and dish after dish of gambas pil-pil. It was amazing.


But these past few days have probably been one of my most significant – ever. It was back to school and that meant my youngest daughter, Flossie starting full-time. From one pragmatic mother to utter sadness. She drives me mad, she’s a total handful but going to school marks the end of an era. I’m no longer the mother that needs to be at home to look after her children. She’s happy and excited and that’s most important thing.

New starts

So what now? Luckily I have that covered. Yesterday, I collected the keys to my very own shop. A real bricks and mortar shop in Stockbridge (Hampshire), to sell my curation of casual fashion wares. You’ll find luxury denim, cashmere, boots, tees and more.

And it gets better. I have the pleasure of working with someone who I have become friends with and who I respect tremendously for her impeccable taste, her tenacity and her achievements at such a young age (which should not define her but is hard to ignore!). I will be starting this new chapter with Ailie Williams (previously of the online store Bramble & Bracken) and I could not be happier about it.

Ailie Williams

Ailie will bring her eagle eye for gorgeous homewares and accessories. So, without further ado we introduce

HERO LIFE + STYLEHero Stockbridge
We’ll be online too so if you can’t make it to Stockbridge everything will be available on the website.

There’s a lot still to do but we’d love for you to follow the journey and help out with all the tricky decisions like which hangers to choose and where to put the flowers!

We’re on Instagram and Twitter so come and join us. You can also follow the hashtag #shopathero – we’d love to see you over there!

My Pollyanna will still be going and I’m really excited about what I have coming up on the blog this month – a whole week of Winter coats, London Fashion Week and birthdays galore!

Here’s to new chapters!

L x


I love routing through my wardrobe and having a really good clear out. And I’m pretty ruthless too (regretfully so sometimes). But one thing I never discard or sell is my handbags. It’s a subject that friends (husband included) have said I should ‘come clean’ about.

So here it is…Although I believe you should have fewer, better quality items, with handbags I just can’t stick to it! I would say without exception, that they are all investments and none of them are particularly ‘out there’ or crazy (pretty safe to be honest) but I do have more than my fair share.

With the party season approaching I thought a good collection to share would be the clutch. I love the way an oversize clutch gives an outfit instant kudos and how a delicately placed box clutch creates timeless glamour. The Duchess of Cambridge is often seen with a clutch, showing perfectly how it smartens up an outfit and that they don’t always have to be reserved for evenings.Kate Middleton

My Collection…

Anya Hindmarch Josie
My favourite and most treasured, Josie by Anya Hindmarch. A timeless classic that is perfect for festive sparkle.Anya Hindmarch holiday clutch
Anya Hindmarch again. The Rossom in woven white leather. This is really reserved for the summer and mainly for taking on holiday as it goes with everything so means I can travel light. Behind that, the Anya Hindmarch (seems to be a bit of a theme..?!) metallic Huxley. Perfect for everything from dressing up a casual day outfit to evening wear.Clutch bags
This small, gold envelope clutch was my first every Anya Hindmarch purchase and is so simple. A true classic.Mulberry Clutch
The Mulberry small purse clutch. This is great for those nights when you want to travel light. Fits phone, lipstick and cash and is easy carry in your hand. Behind that is another wardrobe staple for me. The black leather Tory Burch clutch with gold chain strap. It’s a great size to make a statement and is a really soft calf-leather.

Do you love a clutch?