Statement skirts

I wouldn’t call myself traditional when it comes to wedding guest outfits. I’m not the biggest fan of floral, flouncy dresses. I think it’s nice to look like a bit more thought has gone into it and to show your personality by creating a look that reflects who you are and how you feel but still in-keeping with the occasion.

This year I’m on the hunt for separates that are going to work really well together as an outfit for a formal occasion like a wedding or on their own. I don’t want something that’s going to sit in my wardrobe for my next “big” occasion. Usually when this happens, when the next occasion occurs I just want to buy something else anyway!

Although this is a dress, when I saw this image of Keira Knightley in 2012 wearing this piece by Mary Katranzou, I loved the silhouette. The midi-length in a fit and flare style.

I want to go with a skirt as it’ll be more versatile then work the rest of the outfit around it.

Keira Knightley Mary Katrantzou dress

There’s also the races and a whole host of Summer events coming up and these skirts will work amazingly for all of them…

Baukjen Malta print skirt

The Malta Skirt by Baukjen. Cool sophistication. With a bright jacket this would be a little unexpected for a wedding and I like that.

Boden Arianna skirt

Arianna jacquard skirt by Boden in beautiful tropical peach. I love the texture of this one.Wishbone neon skirt

I saw this on Amanda, the Online Stylist on her photoshoot for Wishbone and loved it straight away. Paired down with navy and neutrals this would make an amazing statement. Wishbone is available from John Lewis online.

And of-course there’s the three at the top of the page…ahh…decisions! I can feel a mass order and trying on session coming.

One / Two / Three
Are you having wedding guest outfit dilemmas?
My Pollyanna Instagram

A couple of weeks ago in the midst of my cardboard box jungle at home I escaped to a wonderful oasis of inspiration, the Make Light photography workshop run by Emily Quinton. Photography is something that had frustrated me for a long time so to be recommended this lovely course by my friend Jo Prado was just such a treat.

The course was perfect for me. Simple and straightforward with enough technical guidance to feel that I had really learned something but not so much that you feel like you’re drowning in jargon.

As a result I’m a little photo mad at the moment and obsessed by photo styling inspiration. It’s going to take some practice but here are a few of my latest Instagram snaps and five inspirational Instagram accounts to follow.

My Pollyanna Instagram

Here are my favourite five Instagram accounts for inspiration…

1. Emily Quinton 
2. So__Laura 
3. Bright Bazaar
4. The Grace Tales
5. Ohnorachio
Please feel free to recommend any Instagram accounts you know for amazing inspiration…

Last month I had been quite unlucky with illness and each time I was down and out I needed a few little pick me ups to get back on track. I love feeling motivated, inspired and productive but the bit I find the hardest is the consistency. Every so often it’s necessary to give myself that oh-so needed kick up the back side, when all I really want to do is hide under the covers. I can’t be the only one that feels like this am I?!

What I’m learning as I go along is that more and more, it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference. There’s no denying how lovely it is to receive a handmade gifts or handwritten card. So for those moments when you’re demoralised or need that little pick me up here is my list of very small things to make life seem all that bit better…

1. Play a song that means something to you…REALLY loud. This can transform my mood in seconds. For me, it’s Beyonce, Love on Top. Reminds me of good times and good friends.

2. Look at old photos. If my girls have really got the better of me I remind myself of what it’s all about and have a flick through some of their baby photos.

3. Paint my nails. An instant pick-me up. You do things differently when your nails are painted, more elegantly and I like that.

4. Meet a friend and laugh. Breaking from routine and making time for old friends that always make you feel good.

5. 10 minute walk in the fresh air. Leaving 10 minutes early for the school pick up and going for a walk.

What are your little pick-me ups?

Everyday I’m inspired by all sorts of things around me. Magazines, friends, my favourite fashion blogs Wearing It Today blog and the Online Stylist, I’ve even found inspiration from shoppers at the supermarket. Pinterest is also one of those easy escapisms that has really become my first port of call for most of my inspiration. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling under the weather and started looking for some inspirational style that would incorporate things that I already own. I found the picture above of stripes and fur and loved it. I love pictures of fashion that I might be able to re-create with my own wardrobe. So here is my take on stripes and fur (taken at the gym!) that I captured on Instagram.

Stripes & fur

Stripes & fur Instagram

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I seem to have entered into a bit of a rut with my wardrobe. I’m still trying to mix things up and put things together that I haven’t tried before but I do feel like I need an injection of new blood. Something that will liven up my existing palette. I’m just not sure what that is. I also get a little nervous when I think about buying new things because I want to make sure it’s right and will work on all levels – gone are the impulsive, ‘I’m sure I’ll find an occasion to wear it’ days.

So I’ve turned to Pinterest for some inspiration as I know I’ll see a common theme in my ‘pins’ that will hopefully reignite some ideas…and this is what I have come up with…

Pinterest 1Love the camel coat, heels and black statement bag.

Pinterest 2Love the woolly cardigan with narrow belt with long, distressed brown boots.

Pinterest 3Love the grey polo neck with leather leggings and furry gilet.

Pinterest 4Love the sleek black jumper dress and oversize clutch.

Pinterest 5Love the splash of red with the tan bag.

Pinterest 6Love the simplicity of this coat over all black.

Pinterest 7Love the modern heritage look of the chunky knit with distressed denim and huge tartan scarf.

Pintrest 7Love the fitted camel coat contrasting the boyfriend jeans.

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How do you use Pinterest?