During the Summer I discovered lipstick – read my trepidation into lipstick here. I went with bright corals and varying shades of pink to orange but now it feels right to warm things up a bit for Autumn/Winter.

No shopping around for this one. I went straight to Tom Ford beauty counter in Harrods. I’d been having this feeling for a while that I missing out – “lipstick envy” sort of feeling. I kept seeing and hearing about Tom Ford lipstick but couldn’t get my hands on it locally.

When I took Miss Pollyanna (daughter #1) on a day trip to London I managed to negotiate a trip to Harrods with her by playing it off with a stop at the Morellis Gelato ice cream parlour. Win-win as I far I was concerned!

Tom Ford Crimson Noir

So now I’m in possession of Crimson Noir. It’s stunning. A really rich, warm tone with the scent of vanilla. Honestly – it’s divine and almost too good to use.

Do you have any other autumnal shades I should know about?
Borgo Egnazia pool

It had been a busy start to the year and one without a holiday, so I finally convince JT that the business world will survive if he takes some time off.  I have always relished searching and filtering through reviews and articles to find the best places to stay. I love a bit of culture, sightseeing and exploring new places but these days our agenda is slightly different. We want rest, relaxation and above all, luxury!

So I set about finding our special family holiday for five nights (the business world could definitely not stretch to seven without him!). Now usually this is where I put in hours of research and plan the whole trip – flights, transfers, accommodation, everything. I’d consider myself well-versed in this technique but to the point that this year I just couldn’t face it again and just wanted someone to do it for me. But could I really put this responsibility with someone else and actually book a (gulps) ‘package holiday’?

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After some deliberation, I picked up the phone and called Scott Dunn. I was indecisive, I was anxious, I was a bit bloody awkward at times but I have to say, they came up trumps. So I’d done it, I’d booked my first package holiday. But would I get the luxury I aspired to? Nervous? I should say so!

Driving through the stone walled roads surrounded by ancient olive groves we finally arrive at Borgo Egnazia. As we stop for security, it feels like we have arrived at a Beverly Hills mansion. I am secretly smiling inside. I knew I had pulled it off. This was the place for us. Walking through the large doors into calming chalky white interiors I think we both visably exhaled and knew we were in the right place.

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There’s always a sense of trepidation before you’ve seen your room though. Are those lovely web photos going to be reality or do they just know how to take a great photo?? Wow. Having been guided through the narrow, winding ‘streets’ of the Borgo the dusky green door to our Cassetta Splendida was opened. Gorgeous. Our own (not so) little town house with garden and roof terrace .

A quiet, relaxed atmosphere resonated around the Borgo and we soon settled in to Puglian life. Fantastic children’s club; great staff, no rigid sessions, just dump and go! Most of the time we relaxed by the pool while the girls floated around the ‘beach style’ children’s pool. Absolute bliss. It wasn’t long before we entered into ‘mid-day cocktail mode’ and I had found my new tipple. The Martini Spritzer. Could talk for hours about the food – amazing!

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On a cloudy afternoon we took our pick through a lovely selection of vintage style bikes and ventured out for a breathtaking cycle along the empty local roads and through the golf course to the beach club.

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I have visited my fair share of luxury spas but Vair Spa (2013 Tatler Spa Awards- Category Winner) at Borgo Egnazia was definitely up there with the best. I indulged in the U STESS facial, pure bliss.

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The feeling of everything being taken care of by Scott Dunn, could not be beaten. No wads of paper and confirmations, it was all taken care of and I felt I’d won. You really could get luxury from a package holiday. So we said goodbye, until next time…and there WILL be a next time. The perfect place for total rest and relaxation, with or without children. Stunning. Now go, go, go!

Laura x


Pollyanna by the pool

There aren’t many times when you can completely and unashamedly relax and unwind. But the holiday to Borgo Egnazia was a time when I could. Relaxing by the pool with my newly discovered Martini Spritzer, I decided I was going to make some holiday resolutions. With no chores and no lists, my mind was free to focus on the future…and my style!

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Everyone knows the Italians have an impeccable eye for style but I have to say I was quite overcome by the effortless manner in which they pull this off. After a couple of days of hiding behind my ovesized Chanel’s I began to embrace it. I wasn’t going to be intimidated, instead I would join them in their unadulterated penchant for style.
[styled_box title=”My resolutions. My new style ‘rules’…” color=”pink”]Embrace brights.
This goes for lipstick too!
Accent a plain outfit with a pop of leopard – my new found love!
Be confident in your own style and wear your head high.[/styled_box]
[frame_center src=”http://www.mypollyanna.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/IMG_1667.jpg” href=””][/frame_center]Let’s see if I can stick to them….?!


ps. what will your holiday resolutions be?