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Hooray, it’s the new year! Back to blogging, back to routine and back to normality. Christmas was great; bustling, busy and full of celebration and excesses of all kinds. But I love that feeling of a fresh start and seeing the whole year ahead of you like an unwritten book to be filled with adventures, emotions, new opportunities and possibilities. No one knows what’s coming and I like that feeling of the unknown.

Putting my best (leopard print of course) foot forward into 2014…

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It feels so refreshing to wipe the slate clean. To close the door on the previous year and look forward. I’m excited, excited for the new and the unknown. I’ve never been one for resolutions. Those ones that are usually made up of unrealistic promises, too easily forgotten and too easily broken.

Instead I’ve opted for positive affirmations…

Do more of what you Love.


Make it Happen.

Happy Monday & Happy 2014!

Last month I had been quite unlucky with illness and each time I was down and out I needed a few little pick me ups to get back on track. I love feeling motivated, inspired and productive but the bit I find the hardest is the consistency. Every so often it’s necessary to give myself that oh-so needed kick up the back side, when all I really want to do is hide under the covers. I can’t be the only one that feels like this am I?!

What I’m learning as I go along is that more and more, it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference. There’s no denying how lovely it is to receive a handmade gifts or handwritten card. So for those moments when you’re demoralised or need that little pick me up here is my list of very small things to make life seem all that bit better…

1. Play a song that means something to you…REALLY loud. This can transform my mood in seconds. For me, it’s Beyonce, Love on Top. Reminds me of good times and good friends.

2. Look at old photos. If my girls have really got the better of me I remind myself of what it’s all about and have a flick through some of their baby photos.

3. Paint my nails. An instant pick-me up. You do things differently when your nails are painted, more elegantly and I like that.

4. Meet a friend and laugh. Breaking from routine and making time for old friends that always make you feel good.

5. 10 minute walk in the fresh air. Leaving 10 minutes early for the school pick up and going for a walk.

What are your little pick-me ups?

Something one of my closest friends said to me yesterday really touched a chord….[quote]”I don’t just read your blog because it’s you, it’s actually like escapism for me…”[/quote]She’s a professional, balancing a very busy career with family commitments, fitness, social life and all the other things we try to cram into the day. We all have our own commitments and responsibilities and sometimes we need to pull the reigns on all of it to regain some control before life runs away with us. Finding something that we can dive into and escape is always good!

For me, these last few weeks have been such a hazy fog of disorganisation and summer holiday chaos that I’ve been completely out of control and unproductive at everything. House upside down, no food in the fridge, eating badly and utter anarchy with children.

At the weekend it was time to take control. Get rid of the time-wasters…aimlessly browsing the internet…busying myself with pointless tasks….and fill my time with small tasks that would regain self-esteem. By ticking off the tasks has meant that when I relax I can do it without guilt. Knowing that everything is done (well, almost everything!)

Whatever we have going on in our lives it’s so important to make time to properly relax without the endless to-do list running through our mind. So my point is, [quote]Do the small stuff….get stuff done and create time to escape, unwind and relax. [/quote]
Happy escaping!

Laura x

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For my sins…and I must have been really bad…I am taking part (I say taking part because as far as I see it, I’m not competing!) in the Virgin London Triathlon in just over a weeks’ time. I am dreading it. I’m under prepared and certainly under peak fitness. BUT my challenge is to attempt to overcome this through mental strength. I’ve been doing alot of this lately; trying to master mental strength and confidence to overcome inner insecurities. Ooh this feels a bit personal – but there again isn’t this what this is all about?!

So I’m writing this as a pre-cursor to the event in order to look back and see if I could do it. I also hope I can evoke a little inspiration for you to do something out of your comfort zone and just believe that you can do it.

[quote]DON’T QUIT.
Until the summer of 2012, the most physical exercise I had done was a few hours a week in PE lessons, some 18 years previous. Last summer I then started using exercise as a way of keeping mentally strong too.

After four years of being at home bringing up two children, I was beginning to lose a sense of self-worth and loss of identity. The commitment, dedication and physical (as well as mental) strength really surprised me. I realised that if I truly want to achieve something, I had to keep jolly well working at it. But after a year or so I also realised that this also represented how I needed to approach the rest of my life.

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I. Can. Do. This…

In a recent training session, all I wanted to do was stop. Give up. Puke in the bushes and just go home and sleep. But then the person I was training with gave me this mantra – “I. Can. Do. This.”. To finish the run (a further 2km) I blocked everything else out of my head and said this over and over and over again. It truly got me round to the finish. I felt physically drained at the end but the feeling of accomplishment and achievement was amazing.

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Since then, I have applied this mantra to so many smaller things in my life. To block out the bad voices that talk me out of going out of my comfort zone or talk me into having that extra chocolate. I just imagine that feeling I will have when I’ve achieved it.

So, we’ll see. Will my mental strength be enough to get me through?

I have done a lot of going out of my comfort zone recently…this blog being a huge one…so I would really love to know what you do to achieve your goals and move yourself out of your comfort zone.

Laura x

I can do this…I can do this…I can do this…I can do this…


Andy Murray had most of the country gripped to the TV in the Wimbledon final and although you would struggle to find fault in his physical performance, what really captivated me was his mental strength. The capacity to dig deep, focus and keep on fighting through sheer determination and hard work.

I am no motivational speaker, but I do believe that throughout life there will be times when we all need to display these traits and it’s probably only facing these challenges that you find your true strength of character. So this post is about finding strength, getting out what you put in and finding your own luck – it doesn’t just happen to other people! Believe in yourself and make things happen.

Although his ultimate goal would have been to win the Championship, Andy Murray’s focus would have been on every stroke, every serve and every tiny detail of his game. Without this he would not have won. [quote]Take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves.[/quote]
I can’t tell you how many times I have to tell myself this! It’s truly the only way I can get things done but it has really worked. This will usually involve stepping out of your comfort zone too. So, in the words of Susan Jeffers, feel the fear and do it anyway.
What goals have you set yourself this week?

Laura x