Sorry that’s a terrible title but I just couldn’t help myself…

I also couldn’t help myself when I saw these shoes. A couple of weekends ago, I had one of the most luxurious and indulgent shopping experiences I’ve ever had. I spent over an hour on the first floor of J.Crew’s incredible shoe department (patience is definitely one of JT’s most admirable qualities!). I strutted and paced; and pondered and contemplated on eight pairs of gorgeous shoes. It goes without saying that their range is incredible but I can’t remember the last time I went to a shop and quite literally could have walked out with the whole lot. Anyway, I digress. After whittling it down to just four pairs the final decision was based, as always, on versatility and getting the most from my purchase. I knew these would go the distance.

I am utterly obsessed with them.

J Crew metallic shoes


J Crew metallic shoes

J Crew metallic shoes

I’ve worn them here (to my girls’ nativity play) with fushia cords and my tweed coat. They look great with jeans, black (or any colour for that matter) cigarette trousers, dresses. I’m slightly hesitant to wear them with black tights but I’m willing to give it a go.

These aren’t available online but I did find these other great metallic court shoes. It may seem slightly bias towards LK Bennett but they just have some fab gold courts.

Gold. Always believe in your sole.


1.Florina by L.K. Bennett £240 £175

2.Aster beige glitter high shoe by Lucy Choi at, £195

3.Boyd Court shoes by John Lewis, £90

4.Crystal Mini Kitten by L.K. Bennett, £225

5.Dillon Shimmer suede by L.K. Bennett, £180

6.Florete Glitter point toe by L.K. Bennett, £180

 What’s your favourite?

ps. I don’t think another pair of shoes has EVER drawn as much attention…


Everyday I’m inspired by all sorts of things around me. Magazines, friends, my favourite fashion blogs Wearing It Today blog and the Online Stylist, I’ve even found inspiration from shoppers at the supermarket. Pinterest is also one of those easy escapisms that has really become my first port of call for most of my inspiration. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling under the weather and started looking for some inspirational style that would incorporate things that I already own. I found the picture above of stripes and fur and loved it. I love pictures of fashion that I might be able to re-create with my own wardrobe. So here is my take on stripes and fur (taken at the gym!) that I captured on Instagram.

Stripes & fur

Stripes & fur Instagram

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This picture (outfit details below) was taken very early this morning as today I’m off to London to take someone personal shopping. We are on a mission – the task is to put together a capsule wardrobe from smart casual through to everyday office wear. This can seem a little daunting but I am convinced that planning ahead is one of the essentials key to the success of the trip. Here’s my list of shopping trip essentials….

Shopping trip essentials


1. Jumper dress…the perfect Winter shopping trip piece – easy to slip on and off. Unlike skinny jeans that can make you hot and bothered and put you off trying things on.

2. Leather or light weight jacket…for a long-haul shopping trip something fairly light weight that is enough to keep you warm outside but not too hot inside the stores is perfect. For me, I hate lugging around heavy, bulky coats when I’m trying to trawl through rails and shelves so I stick to a trusty leather jacket.

3. Chunky scarf…If it’s really cold, add a scarf that can be folded into your bag if needed.

4. Nude underwear…You want the clothes you’re trying on to look the best without having to imagine what they’ll look like when you get home. Nude underwear covers all eventualities.

5. Slip on shoes or boots…will make trying on shoes all that easier.

6. Water…heating and air conditioning is really dehydrating so keep hydrated and keep going for longer!

7. Messenger bag…big enough to comfortably carry your things and smaller purchases but not heavy and cumbersome.

8. Lip balm…always.

TIP: If they have it, it’s a good idea to use the customer collection or lockers where you can store your purchases and pick them up later to save carrying everything. Just remember what you’ve bought, I always fall into the trap of the feeling that I haven’t bought anything and buy more, more, more!

My outfit today: Dress, Whistles / Boots, Ash / Leather jacket, All Saints / Scarf, Louis Vuitton / Bag, Mulberry

What are your shopping trip essentials?


The My Pollyanna Boutique

Although I’m trying desperately hard to reinvent my existing wardrobe, there are still things that I’m dreaming about at the moment.[new_line]
[new_line]This is my October Wish List…[new_line]
I spotted these a couple of years ago in the Jimmy Choo 24:7 Icons range. I love the fact they’re not too clumpy or fussy and have some classic Choo details.[new_line]
An absolute classic. One that I will be lusting after for years.[new_line]
I’m definitely going to look for a plaid shirt to wear with skinnies and flats this season. Ever since I spotted this one on Matches Fashion I can’t stop thinking about it. I love the fact it’s oversized and with pink hues it’s also a nod to another one of this season’s trends. The collar studs just add that extra bit of detail.[new_line]
Recommended to me by make-up artist Lisa Hancox, I can’t wait to get my hands on one these. Described as beautiful, quick and comfortable they sound right up my street.[new_line]

Charlotte Olympia Red Velvet ‘Kitty Slipper Flats
Another classic. I keep visualising myself in these with dark denim and simple white shirt or camel cashmere jumper. Let the shoes do the talking.[new_line]

[new_line]What’s on your wish list?


Get Elle’s School Run Style…

I’ve seen photos of Elle McPherson on her school run time after time. Each time, her style can look unachievable. She’s tall and she’s glamorous (this helps!) but a slick school run style is do-able. Her look usually includes some simple, staple elements that she has put together really well. Here is my take on how to get the Elle McPherson school run style.

Elle McPherson School Run Style

1. The Marrakesh Jean from MiH £190 2. 0039 Italy, Allegra plain fitted shirt from Atterley Road, NOW £25 3. Jigsaw Ellipse skinny jeans belt from Atterley Road, £39 4. Great Plains, Roisin knit cardigan from Attlerley Road, £75 5. American Vintage, Massachussets t-shirt from Atterley Road, £44 6. Jeans Fashion Jeans, Super stretch waxed jeans from Attlerley Road, £109

What’s your school run style?

Are you a slave to your shopping habit? 

It can sometimes feel like a relentless task trying to keep up with ever-changing trends, not to mention the amount of will-power it can take not to buy every item that we like. And can you really beat that cathartic feeling of handing over the credit card for that item that is going to change your life? The one that you can wear everywhere, for every occasion. The one that you tell yourself is really a bargain despite the outrageous price tag.

But does it really solve all our problems? Or are we shopping for other reasons?…Fear of not fitting in?…Filling a void?

Shopping is my Cardio

More, More, More…

For me, it’s a simple cream jumper; of which I have more than my fair share. In the past I have always been drawn to them hanging so innocently on the rail in the shop. I love the clean look of a cream jumper with denim, but actually I could get away with just one or two as they all serve the same purpose. Waste of money, waste of space and waste of time.

Carrie Bradshaw shopping

Usually it is our perception of whether we want it or actually need it that forces us to make unnecessary purchases. maybe it’s worth considering these questions…

[styled_box title=”Shop Savvy…” color=”black”] What would happen if you didn’t buy it?
What do you already have that could serve the same purpose?
Do I need this or just want it?
Am I being a slave to a trend?[/styled_box]
I know I risk sounding like a terrible bore and sometimes it’s the best feeling to just indulge. But in my experience, having more doesn’t necessarily solve any problems. Whereas having more carefully selected pieces has made life simpler.

Have you ever wondered whether it’s not a case of “I have nothing to wear!”  but actually that you have too much…?

(images sourced from Pinterest)