Mothers Day

Impeccable. Chic. Understated. Elegant.

My mum is all of the above. If there is one overriding influence to my style, it’s been my Mum. That “inner classic” that I mention on my About Me page? Yeah…that’s actually my Mum. Sat on my shoulder telling me to reign it in.

She’s always been classic, well polished and put together but not in a “look at me” kind of way, just in a completely understated way. She just knows how to put an outfit together.

Her timeless, co-ordinated (but strictly not matching) style has never faltered. I can’t ever (and I really mean ever) remember her walking out the house without make-up on.

Growing up and shopping together it was all about good buys that will last and clothes that won’t date. But boy do I thank her for that now.

Family photos on my first birthday, 1981.

My Style Inspiration, my Mum

Late 70’s. I love this pencil skirt, clutch and heels. So chic.

Mum & Great Grandma

I’m not sure my Dad will thank me for this one but not to worry, it is Mother’s Day after all. There’s something a little Lady Di about this dress…

Mum & Dad

In 2008 as Mother of the Bride.

Mother of the Bride

Happy Mother’s Day x

Love to know how your mum influenced your style…

Essentials magazine My Pollyanna cover

Happy Monday everyone. What a gorgeous weekend we had. I’ve had quite a hectic few days one way or another but I’m feeling totally energised by the ups and ups that life seems to have dealt me at the moment. My whirlwind started on Thursday with 24hours in London and ended back down on earth selling my wares at a sunny car boot sale yesterday morning.

But there was much excitement in the My Pollyanna household this weekend when the April edition of Essentials magazine landed on the shelves. I could try to be really cool about it and pretend that this kind of thing happens all the time, but in all honesty, I am so excited it’s unreal. When I started along this blogging path I could never have imagined that I would be looking at myself in print, in a national magazine. I’m a little proud too if truth be told.

My Pollyanna Essentials Magazine

Sandwiched between Spring pastel fashion pages and Secrets of the savvy shoppers article, the What You’re Wearing feature falls on page 23. I’m also alongside the lovely Frances from the blog School Run Style (who I met at the Gap/Red magazine event last week and can confirm she is just as stylish in the flesh as she is in print!). Michelle from My Fashionable 40s blog and Rosanna whose blog is Silver Brogues.

My Pollyanna Essentials magazine

Thank you to Essentials Magazine for featuring me.

Ugg Creative Council feature

I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Ugg. Love to cosy up indoors in them, to pop to the village shop for a pint of milk in them but when thinking “style”, they never quite made it up there as the foot wear of choice.

BUT and it’s a big BUT, I have recently been swayed into a possible change of opinion. As a bit of a marketing geek I get quite excited watching brands evolve and breaking down their strategy to find out how they have achieved new successes through new and engaging marketing campaigns. Of late, Ugg have been getting really exciting.

I was asked by Ugg to take a look at their new Creative Council. A panel of uber cool influencers in fashion, art, music and blogging and here they are…

Here is Chloe Norgaard, model & artist. Her Ugg of choice is the Brilliant Blue Classic Short. You can find out more about Chloe here.

Creative Council Ugg Australia

Suki Waterhouse, actress and model has gone for the Classic mini. Read more about Suki’s burgeoning acting and modelling career here.

Creative Council Ugg Australia

Bip Ling, blogger, dj and professional moocher. Yes, what a great job! Her choice? The Classic Mini Bailey. See more on Bip here.

Creative Council Ugg

Oh and my choice? The Classic short in chestnut of-course. With moving house I could not have been without them.

Are you a lover or a hater?
My Pollyanna

Pattern is the precise antithesis of how I would define my style and somewhat of an unchartered territory for me. But stepping out your comfort zone every now again can be liberating and who knows I might actually like it?!

I’m wearing this Vilagallo dress today with Ash ankle boots and Burberry trench.

My Pollyanna pattern dress

Here’s similar…

Mint Velvet printed dress, £99
Mint Velvet patterned dress
Mint Velvet, £99
New Look Patterned tunic dress, £12.99
New Look patterned dress
New Look, £12.99
J.Crew Misty Fog tunic dress, £198
J.Crew Patterned dress
J.Crew, £198

Are you a patterned or plain girl? 

Sweaty Betty ski wear

I read a hilarious article on recently that claimed if you really want to look chic when you go skiing – “don’t ski”. Brilliant. They’re probably right – it’s one of the outfits that has had me perplexed for many a year.  Trying to look stylish coupled with the practicalities of freezing temperatures and wet snow can be more than a bit of a challenge. But surely being practical and looking good can work hand in hand?

Thanks to the likes of Moncler, M Miller and Stella McCartney for Adidas, style and function no longer have to be mutually exclusive. Designed with as much emphasis on elegance as technical specification, these brands really hit the mark for the ultimate in style on the slopes. 

Take the lead from (my old college buddy) the faultlessly stylish Lauren Stevenson, Head of PR & Communication at Harrods. Looking gorgeously chic with effortless style in her Moncler ensemble.

Lauren Stevenson Moncler

This Moncler Itoupe jacket is available from Harrods, £1299.

Moncler ski jacket

For something a little different check out the Perfect Moment range from Donna Ida.

Perfect Moment Donna Ida ski wear

For a mid-range investment that will keep you going in the style stakes for years to come, take a look at the Sweaty Betty Astro Ski Salopettes, £249 and Altitude Down jacket, £349.

Sweaty Betty ski wear


My first day on the slopes will be Thursday so I’ll be style spotting and Instagramming as I ski!


ps. hope you like the Christmas garland![new_line]
Like most of us, I’ve entered lots of different stages in my life. Each one bringing it’s own set of challenges and opportunities. Having grown up insisting on co-ordinating my underwear with my outfit, style has always been played quite a large part in defining each stage. As a young professional, with a clearly defined identity it was fairly easy. Smart, formal and sensible. I knew how to do that.[new_line]
Then my job changed. I became a wife and a mother. In my wardrobe, power suits and heels sat alongside sloppy t-shirts and jeans. Not to mention the array of dressy tops and ‘going out’ clothes.
I am woman....
I would go shopping and buy things that would be added to the bulging mass of confusion that lay behind my wardrobe doors. I loathed getting dressed in the morning, I wanted to look good but had little confidence in how to achieve this. [new_line]
I was also struggling with the new me. Suddenly having the responsibility of being a parent and the new role of being a wife, dependent upon someone else for the first time in my adult life.[new_line]
One day, enough was enough and the clear out began. I shed everything that no longer belonged in my life. Things I hadn’t worn for years, things that no longer fitted me and lastly things that no longer defined me. The result was one of the most refreshing things I have ever done.[new_line]
I had far fewer clothes, shoes and bags but I could see what I had. It was organised. It had clear direction and plenty of space for new items that may come along in the future. [new_line]
But these would only be things that had been carefully considered, thoroughly vetted and that would fit perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe and my identity.[new_line]
In so many ways, this very clearly reflected my life. As time went on I felt increasingly comfortable with my new role but felt there was plenty of space for new things to slot in. I had finally accepted my identity and my wardrobe reflected me.[new_line]
Your style can be a good indicator of how you feel, what you think of yourself and your life. Match your wardrobe to your life.
Does your wardrobe reflect how you feel? Does it define you?
Image sources: Featured image, Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe from SATC. White wardrobe image, Pinterest.

It’s one of those horrible dilemmas that quite frankly, does my head in – what to wear on a rainy day. You wake up and feel like you want to wear one thing for it to be pouring with rain which can completely change your outfit. And so, the shoe dilemma begins. There have been many mornings where I’ve run out the door on the school run in ballet pumps to ruin the leather as I negotiate the muddy puddles in the school playground. These mornings are the ones that I am determined not to let the weather dictate my style choices – perhaps not one of my finer decisions though.

One thing I can’t stand is having to wear wellies. Or at least I hate that sloppy, slapping sound of the rubber against your calves – oh just me then?! In an effort to maintain some level of style and keep dry and warm, I have found these. Paired with black skinnies and a trench I think they’d look super stylish and save another pair of flats from disintegrating.

Hunter Sandhurst Carlyle


A flattering equestrian style silhouette with a slim ankle and calf.

I love this Hunter Ladies’ Bubble Umbrella too. Stylish AND you can see where you are going.

How do you keep dry on these rainy days?

(featured image from

The My Pollyanna Boutique

Although I’m trying desperately hard to reinvent my existing wardrobe, there are still things that I’m dreaming about at the moment.[new_line]
[new_line]This is my October Wish List…[new_line]
I spotted these a couple of years ago in the Jimmy Choo 24:7 Icons range. I love the fact they’re not too clumpy or fussy and have some classic Choo details.[new_line]
An absolute classic. One that I will be lusting after for years.[new_line]
I’m definitely going to look for a plaid shirt to wear with skinnies and flats this season. Ever since I spotted this one on Matches Fashion I can’t stop thinking about it. I love the fact it’s oversized and with pink hues it’s also a nod to another one of this season’s trends. The collar studs just add that extra bit of detail.[new_line]
Recommended to me by make-up artist Lisa Hancox, I can’t wait to get my hands on one these. Described as beautiful, quick and comfortable they sound right up my street.[new_line]

Charlotte Olympia Red Velvet ‘Kitty Slipper Flats
Another classic. I keep visualising myself in these with dark denim and simple white shirt or camel cashmere jumper. Let the shoes do the talking.[new_line]

[new_line]What’s on your wish list?


This was a post I used a guest blogger in the Summer for Karen who writes but as the weather has just changed I thought it would be great to re-post it today for a little ‘Weekend Sort Out’!

“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life”. – Dr. Joyce Brothers

To some, the impact of fashion or simply what you are wearing, on your self-confidence may seem incredibly shallow. But I think the older I get the more I realise actually how important your self-image is on your self-confidence. It doesn’t become about what I’m wearing, it becomes about the confidence it gives me and what this allows me to do.

So where does this start? In your wardrobe.

One of the most therapeutic things you can do is sort through your wardrobe. Now has never been a better time. Think about the style you want to have. There is no reason why you can’t have it, you just need the confidence to put it together.

wardrobe style

Start by categorising your clothes into the following 6 piles:

1. DEFINITE KEEPERS Pieces you know work for you. Fit you well and in good condition.

2. SEASONAL Put away in a box all the high season pieces. We’re going into Autumn now so you could start thinking about putting the high summer pieces away. I always have a box for ‘holiday wear’ too. Bikinis, beach cover-ups, shorts, flip-flops…remember it’s not like you’re never going to see them again, they’re just in a box.

3. CHARITY/SELL Pieces that are too big/small but in good condition. Wash and either pass onto charity or car boot sales are a great place to sell unwanted clothes. I remember once I made a couple of hundred pounds in an hour and half just selling old clothes, bags and shoes (there was ALOT of it!)

4. ALTERATIONS Those trousers that you have never had taken up or that dress that just needs a dry clean? Pop it  that pile and take it all at the same time to get sorted. Instant additions to your wardrobe!

5. ARCHIVE Pieces that you can’t bear to be parted with but no longer wear.

6. MAYBE The worst pile of all and will probably end up being the largest. You have to be really strong and really honest when dealing with this one. When judging each item, take the time to think about how it really looks on you. Does it fit properly? Is it faded? Is it in good condition? Even if this feels ruthless, it will be more rewarding to have ‘gaps’ to fill in your wardrobe than have something filling space. It’s these gaps that make shopping and dressing so much easier.

wardrobe style

Once you’ve dealt with all of that you should have a great selection of clothes that you can proudly hang/fold. You’ll probably also see different outfits that go together that you would never have thought of before. Now you can dress in the style you want and identify gaps where you can add to your selection – making shopping alot easier.

What does your wardrobe look like?

(image sources: Nu-Yu Beauty & Wellbeing. room