So on the 3rd November I undertook the Whole 30, 30 day detox. I’ve felt like I’ve needed to do something drastic with my diet for a long time. I’d been surviving on way to much sugar and not at lot else. My week would be made up of healthy breakfasts of eggs and spinach and other days of marmalade on toast, finished off with a mug tea.

I’d then fill up in the morning with two cappuccinos and throw in a pastry for good measure. Skip lunch and gorge on sweet treats like biscuits, chocolate or those irresistible mini cake bites you buy in tubs. Pick at my girls’ tea (sometimes deliberately cooking more so that I could snack) then eat my own dinner later on. Always cooked from scratch and always including vegetables of some description but with a healthy portion of carbs too! The day would then be finished off with a satisfying amount of sweet things, as a treat you trust. I was never that heavy on the alcohol, apart from weekends.

Whole 30

This was pretty much my food diary for a good number of months. A constant cycle of “treating myself” where I believed I deserved it in some way, even if it was just because I was tired.

I felt utterly horrid. I am lucky with my genes and don’t put on weight too easily so this lulled me into a completely false sense of security. If I could get away with it then why not keep treating myself?! But I just knew I wasn’t healthy and was nowhere near performing my best everyday.

Then one day, one of my best friends Penny told me that she was about to embark on a 30 detox, the Whole 30. I was interested. I wanted a lifestyle change and the thought of detoxing my body sounded perfect. It also sounded hardcore. No sugar, no dairy, no beans, no alcohol, no grains…pretty much nil by mouth.

So after two days of positive thoughts of how good this was going to be and staying to the strict guidelines, I was feeling amazing. A constant level of energy all day – who knew that all those health gurus had been right all along?!! The high levels of sugar in my diet before was giving me huge highs then leaving me really, really hungry.

It Starts with Food

A breakfast of bacon, avocado and egg, replacing my tea with hot water and fresh lemon, followed by two cups of black coffee. Lunch of mackerel salad and some sultanas to snack on during the after noon and a dinner made up of meat and vegetables and I was flying. In some ways I hate to admit their right but I loved that I never felt hungry (my worst fear), my energy levels stayed constant and I knew that what was going into my body was healthy.

Ten whole days I did this for and then I folded. No one likes to think of themselves as a quitter but I had begun to really resent the program. Boundaries are great, being healthy is amazing but I missed all these wonderful indulgences. I had a measly slice of toast on Wednesday and yesterday I had a slice of pizza. There it is, failure.

But actually, I enjoyed it. It gave me immense pleasure and it realigned my thinking on the detox. I know I won’t get the full effect of the Whole 30 but it has given me boundaries and proven that I can change my ways. So, I’m going to stick to it and allow myself one treat a day – whether that’s a frothy, milky cappuccino or a slice of cake or glass of wine. Balance. That’s what we’re all after anyway isn’t it?!


Hero Stockbridge

Today we’re adding our Christmas section to the Hero website that’ll be full of gift ideas and of-course tweeting and instagramming. But most importantly I’ll also be deciding what my treat will be for the day…

Would you consider the 30 day detox?

Have a great weekend.

L x


2 comments on “30 DAY DETOX FAILURE

  1. iwontwearsludgebrown
    November 14, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    You did really well to follow it for that long. I’m impressed and don’t blame you for redefining the rules. I’ve cut out all alcohol and processed sugar this week, it’s been ok but I think I’ve been spurred on by the knowledge I’ll enjoy myself on my birthday weekend. Which has led me to think that maybe having 2 cheat days a week is a good thing as you can focus on those.

    • Mypollyanna
      November 18, 2014 at 11:37 am

      It was quite tough! Well done on the sugar and alcohol. Definitely think balance is key…hope you had a lovely birthday weekend!

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