This Week: All change.

There definitely seems to be a sense of change in the air, especially as this week has been a pretty big one for me.

Kicking off with a big family party that involved seeing cousins and extended family that I don’t really see from year to the next to celebrate my (not so) little brother turning 30.

Uncle Tom

Then with the new blog, new hair and what feels like a whole new lease of energy it definitely feels like a change is happening.

New blog

It’s an exciting time of the year as the first signs of Spring start to emerge and gradually it feels like the days aren’t quite so short anymore.

My inbox has been clogged with new season collections this week  too – I’m so looking forward to frolicking in new season craziness really soon. But for now, here is to a restful weekend.

Russian dolls My Pollyanna

Happy Weekend!

…and thank you for all the kind comments here and on Twitter about the site, they’re all truly valued and appreciated. L x
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