Time to Re-energise the Wardrobe

This week I have been inspired by Nina Garcia after reading her book ‘The Style Strategy’ about staying chic and saving money. Since boxing up and putting away all my Summer clothes I feel like my wardrobe needs a boost, an injection of new life. The plan – to mix things up a bit. Re-energise and re-invent my wardrobe.

Since changing my mindset and buying fewer items over the past few years, I have a great collection of some classic pieces that won’t date and go out of fashion – mostly because they were never in fashion in the first place! This does, however, leave things a little bland. What I feel I need is something to give a boost, that will change the way I see what I already have before I go and buy anything new.

There is a great quote from from the book…[quote]Being chic isn’t about the most expensive dress or the latest trend. It’s about being you.[/quote]With this in mind, I’m going to critically evaluate what I already have and have the confidence to mix things up. It’s easy to fall into the trap of always putting the same outfits together. So I’m going to change my wardrobe around a little and hang things next to each other that I don’t normally wear together. [new_line][new_line][quote]Make the most of what you have. Be creative, be innovative, be confident. Nina Garcia[/quote] Do you need to reinvent your wardrobe?

(featured image from ninagarcia.com)

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