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I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Ugg. Love to cosy up indoors in them, to pop to the village shop for a pint of milk in them but when thinking “style”, they never quite made it up there as the foot wear of choice.

BUT and it’s a big BUT, I have recently been swayed into a possible change of opinion. As a bit of a marketing geek I get quite excited watching brands evolve and breaking down their strategy to find out how they have achieved new successes through new and engaging marketing campaigns. Of late, Ugg have been getting really exciting.

I was asked by Ugg to take a look at their new Creative Council. A panel of uber cool influencers in fashion, art, music and blogging and here they are…

Here is Chloe Norgaard, model & artist. Her Ugg of choice is the Brilliant Blue Classic Short. You can find out more about Chloe here.

Creative Council Ugg Australia

Suki Waterhouse, actress and model has gone for the Classic mini. Read more about Suki’s burgeoning acting and modelling career here.

Creative Council Ugg Australia

Bip Ling, blogger, dj and professional moocher. Yes, what a great job! Her choice? The Classic Mini Bailey. See more on Bip here.

Creative Council Ugg

Oh and my choice? The Classic short in chestnut of-course. With moving house I could not have been without them.

Are you a lover or a hater?
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